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About this Site

About This Site

This site is an opportunity for me to keep up on the latest in web standards while maintaining a presence on the world wide web for my personal and professional networks. This site is usually updated when something changes or is about to change. This has included many things from getting dialup internet access, to launching an expedition, finding new work or getting laid off. See the History section bellow for some of the major edits to this site.


This site is serving many purposes and I hope in time that it will evolve into a site that draws friends and family as well as a tool for marketing myself to my dream future employer.

This site is the home to my online resume, it outlines my interests in Geography, Recreation, Photography and Recreation


When I first became connected to the internet it was before the time of mass public access to the World Wide Web. Everything on the Internet was still text, command lines, searches, gophers and cursurs. When the World Wide Web came to town and NCF offered web hosting I jumped at the chance to have my own web page. Ever since I have updated it when ever required

IN 2010 he main push came from reading "Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0". I started reading this after receiving a letter of temrination from my current position. It had been 4 years r so since my last job hunting frenzy so I thought I would give the book a read. As a result this is my launch pad for accessing all my internet based networks, profiles and other resources. Thanks to Jay Conrad Levinson and David E. Perry for the push.

Second, it had been a LONG time since I have hammered out some basic HTML. Things have changed a bit in the world of the web since my high school days. Back then there was no such thing as CSS. So this site uses CSS extensively as a learning tool.

Web Hosting

I have been a member of National Capital Freenet for many a moon (circa 1993), user id's are alphanumeric sequences, my userid is ae888. They offer very basic web hosting for their members and I have been meaning to take advantage of this for many other reasons. Using it as a personal marketing platform seemed like as good a reason as any.

To learn more about National Capital Freenet and their web hosting platform

Tools and Techniques

This website is all hand coded HTML. This may sound like an archaic approach however if you want to know what modern technology does on the web, going back to basics is one of the simplest and perhaps most effective ways to learn

I have been exploring Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Content Management Systems (CMS) for a number of years now. I currently use Joomla for a Freeheelers United, a non-profit ski school and ski club and Drupal for Computers for Communities, a non-profit community group

CMS's are great for many reasons, one of which is that the webmaster and users can focus on content instead of design. However, the drawback to using one for your own site is the overhead it brings just to offer up some small web pages.

At the end of the day no matter how fancy a website is or expensive the software was to create the site it all boils down to HTML, CSS and some sort of scripting.

My tools include:

Site History and Archives


For instance The first incarnation of this site came when I became a member of National Capital Freenet, May 3, 1993.

The last snapshot of this website can be seen here...


The 2010 re-edit of this site was due to a "letter of termination" from a term position I had in the Canadian Federal Government.

The last snapshot of this website can be seen here...


Three motivators lead to this round of edits.

The last snapshot of this website can be seen here...